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All classes involving live people, face to face, have been suspended in light of COVID 19. Please check the online options for FUNdamentals, Puppy Class, and Boredom Busters: Enrichment on a Budget.

More FUN and Games

Maybe your Rowdy Rover isn’t going to fully blossom after an 8-week class.  If he has been repeating bad choices for his whole life, then chances are pretty good it will take more work and more time.   Not to worry though, there are even more games to be found. Booster workshops give you more ways to polish your dog. Every dog is different so you will learn how to deal with your own dog’s unique challenges.

Enrichment: keep the FUN going

A huge source of enjoyment for dogs and humans alike is to do activities together.  Dogs love to use their noses, so games of finding objects and scents go over well.  Enrichment classes are only offered when there is enough interest to hold a class.  Use that contact button to get your name on a list!

Rally Sport Obedience

When you have a working partnership with your dog, you may find you want to continue learning new things together.   If your dog is well-behaved around other dogs, you might consider Rally Obedience.  Like a car rally course, in Rally Obedience the dog and handler move through a set of stations to complete a timed course.  The atmosphere is congenial and you can encourage your dog all the way through.  You the human can be as competitive as you like while your dog happily prances along with you doing sits or turns etc.  When there is enough interest, classes in Rally Obedience are scheduled so use that contact button to get more information and to get your name on a list.  

Therapy Dogs

Dog owners are usually the last ones to need convincing about all the therapeutic benefits a companion dog.  If you have a calm, steady, obedient, and super friendly dog, then you might consider getting involved in Therapy Dog activities.   Click on the Therapy Dog tab for more information.


There are seminars and workshops across a range of interests.   Offerings in 2019 included 3 deliveries of the “Therapy Dog Handler Workshop” as well as “Introduction to Scent Detection” and “Pet First Aid”.  

Use that contact button if you’re interested in getting on the waiting list for Pet First Aid in 2020.

NEW Workshops in 2020 will feature an brand new BITE PREVENTION AWARENESS workshop, with followup on “Dogs and Babies” and “Dogs and Toddlers”. Classes are offered based on interest. Use that contact button to get your name on the list!!!

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