COVID Update: FUNdamentals is only available online. Format includes weekly video release, live Zoom calls, a private Facebook group and Facebook “Lives”

FUNdamentals are taught with games. Yes games!  Why games? Because that’s how dogs learn: short bursts of happy, focused attention from their favourite people.  Games take all the pressure off both dogs AND owners. If you’re having fun together, and your dog gets a pat or a treat for no reason, there’s no harm done and your dog still loves you.  Just keep playing games and you’ll soon figure it out.

FUNdamentals is where you teach your dog how to be calm, have self-control, boost confidence, create focus, come when called and learn to ignore distractions.   Maybe your dog was a star pupil in another obedience class, but he completely forgets everything he ever knew when your guests arrive?  FUNdamentals is for you to teach some good-dog skills in the safety of your home, and then broadening those skills for daily life.   

Maybe you have a new puppy and you’d just like to start off on the right foot.  This method is absolutely suited to puppies.  Get those bursts of funship happening between puppy naps and you’ll be amazed how quickly they learn.

Covid update on class sizes: Online classes are still small. The largest number to date has been 5 so you will still get opportunity for personal attention.

FUNdamentals classes are small, with a maximum of 4 dogs.  You get plenty of individual attention, explanations, and in-class practice time with your dog.  Barring snowstorms (!!) FUNdamentals happen weekly, running for 8 weeks.  

If you want to change the frustrating daily conversations that you have with your dog this is the class for you.  Bring back the joy and the excitement you felt when you first got your dog.  Just use that contact tab to find the next opportunity for you to get in on the fun.

More Options

Sorry. Not Available at this time.

What about dogs not suited for a class?

Some dogs can’t handle a room full of strangers, other dogs, sudden movement, etc. Some dogs wear the label “reactive” or “nervous” yet those are the dogs who FUNdamental skills the most!!   Use the contact button if you have a dog that wears a label.  Let’s talk about your individual case.   There’s a lot that you can fix when you have the FUNdamental knowledge to take home to your dog. 

Can we make it more convenient?

If you would like to take a class on a weeknight, but live too far out of town to commute easily then ask us about the Fundamentals Convenience Package. Registered participants are eligible for 45% off Daily Hostel fees in the Playing Paws Academy. (Opening soon!)

Can we make it easier for you?

Are you a busy person? Worried that you might not have the time to play with your dog as much as you’d like? Ask about the FUNdamentals Support Programmes.

Do you need more help than you can get in a class?

Maybe you’ve never trained a dog before, or perhaps you just want extra guidance and encouragement. Ask about the Peace of Mind Programme which includes private classes, individual attention, many bonuses and loads of extra support.

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