Healing Heeling Paws

Welcome!  Are you looking for help with a family dog?  Do you want a dog that listens better?  Do you want a dog that doesn’t jump on your guests?  Well done you!!!  You’ve landed on the right page!!!  Just imagine how much easier your life could be if your dog was well-behaved.  The good news is that most dogs are trainable and a more peaceful household is possible.

Does this sound good to you?  Read on.  See what happens in a FUNdamentals class and how it can help you.  

Start off on the right foot with a FUNdamentals class.  That’s right, put the FUN back into having a dog.  Teach your dog the basics of good behaviour using a positive (non-threatening) method.  With adult supervision of course, you can involve your children in your dog’s transformation.